31 Days of Magickal Job Hunting


A unique light-hearted approach to job hunting and career management is covered in this compilation of “magickal job hunting” tips and techniques.

* Learn how using the moon signs can help you plan your job search to ensure success.
* Use visualization techniques to secure your dream job.
* Assess your personality through such methods as astrology, numerology and Chinese astrology.
* Banish negativity and use feng shui to invite positive energy into your home and life for career success.
* Understand how to network the right way – and attract good karma.
* Enchant your resume for maximum effectiveness.
* Learn how to take control of the interview by incorporating palmistry, color symbolism, and more!
* Develop your intuition through the use of tarot cards and hypnosis in order to make better career decisions.

This book is filled to the brim with many magickal and practical ideas on how to make your job hunt more effective – no matter which stage of the game you are in.

Download your copy here!

Simple Solutions for Bedtime Available for Free on Amazon!

 Do you struggle with getting your little ones  (or even the bigger ones!) into bed each night? Does the thought of bedtime conjure more images of a battlefield rather than serene moments spent with your children? If so, the head on over to Amazon and grab a free copy of my latest eBook   “Simple Solutions for Bedtime” .  But don’t wait too long! It’s only available for free download until August 8, 2013.


TOP 10 Reasons People Stay in an Abusive Relationship

Prego and the Loon

1) Low self-esteem… I presented low self esteem as number one because your fate begins with yourself and how you choose to see yourself. The choices you make, the character you display, and the the path you walk along are all a reflection of how you feel about yourself and what you think you deserve in life. If you want to be happy then take it because it’s yours to have. If you want a loving relationship then start by loving yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Anything you dream of or desire is all within arms reach. Create the reality you deserve!

2) Normality… Upbringing plays a big role in the area of normality. Some people find themselves in an abusive relationship because it is familiar, possibly even somewhat comfortable for them. It tends to mirror the household they might have been raised in. You can’t pick…

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My Books

By the end of next month I will be releasing a few new books. I am extremely excited about them and wanted to give you a little preview of whats to come.
1. I will be re-releasing my 31 Days of Magickal Job Hunting to be offered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble in both paperback and as an e-book.
2. I will be introducing 2 books from a series called “Magickal Moments” the first will be “Magickal Moments – Bedtime Rituals” and the second will be “Magickal Moments – Morning Rituals”.
3. My third series to be launched will be my “Magickal Months” and it will start with August; this series will feature simple tidbits that you can incorporate into your life during each month. Features included will be journal/gratitude prompts, holidays and observances, celebrations rituals, recipes, simple seasonal decorative suggestions, lifestyle management tips for health, wellness, personal style, organization, housekeeping and more. In a nutshell anything that will make your month more enjoyable and productive will be included in this series.
4. My next release….and I don’t have a timeframe on it will be titled “OMG! I’m broke! Which will be based off of my blog series.
As these books are released I will be announcing them here as well as on twitter and Facebook.

My Definitions on Life… and other things.

I am not the most conventional person in the world, my thoughts race constantly and I have a million ideas that I can never seem to focus on just one be to able to work on it and make it feasible. So just to clear things up a little for anyone who reads this and maybe for myself I have complied a list of terms that I use… and an explanation as to how I define them.

Magick(al) -There are many different definitions to this work, and different spellings as well, this article is a goo place to start…. http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/term/Magick

Here’s how I see it – Magick to me is making things happen or rather willing things to happen by causing change, and whether that be positive or negative it is up to the user. Despite how other may see it… I am not a big fan of spells, they in my opinion are like prayers with props, I have never really seemed to needed props, all my life; intentionally or not I have had the power (as we all do) to simply manifest our hopes, dreams, desires, and ever our fears. It’s one of those times where being careful for what you wish for… you just might get it, comes into play. It’s more important to try to figure out what you want and to learn to channel those desires correctly.

But there is also another side to my magickal definition coin…. to me just the act of living, is magickal. The things we do on a daily basis, the rituals, the routines, the celebrations we engage in. The people we encounter. Those moments and experiences that shape, guide and influence us and everything and everybody we touch in our lives have magick in them. On this side of the coin, magick is power, its power we must choose what to do with it. It’s cause and effect; its the choices we don’t want to make so we put them off but by doing to we are actually making a choice – not to choose.  One adage I try to life by is that you ALWAYS have a choice… you may not like the options given, but you are always, in some way given the power to choose, that’s free will, and it’s your gift from God, the universe or whatever higher power it is that you believe in to use it.

Spirituality – This is where it gets confusing… I consider myself a spiritual person. In a sense we are all spiritual beings, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are religious beings or confined to a specific religion – the is that free will at work again. I personally struggle with religion. I don’t believe that being spiritual and religious have to be mutually exclusive.

Faith – I choose to use the word faith in lieu of the word religion, they both constitute the believe in a higher power, but as we all know religion has a lot of rules and a lot of labels associated with it. There is nothing wrong with being a part of a religion – any religion, you are free to be a part of any religion you choose and while I may not agree with or understand your (or anyone else’s) religious choosing, I respect and would defend your right to have the freedom to choose whichever belief system you so desire.  With that being said, I DO agree with having something – anything to do with a faith-based religion or non-religion; whatever you want to call it. Having something to believe in higher than yourself takes the pressure of you and gives you direction and clarity. especially when times are tough.


My Personal Timeline

I am creating a very intricate timeline of my life on an excel spreadsheet (because I have a weird fascination with them). I want to be able to pinpoint those areas of my live that have shaped me in so form or another into the person I am now and try to be able to figure out where I went wrong and right… so I can figure out how I got into this mess I am now and be able to try to unravel it so I can get out of it.

As I am still working on it, I am not going to post it just yet, cause first off it’s hard and frankly a little painful… so as I struggle through this… I will be posting it soon and trying to breath and take it one step at a time.